Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong is taking on a prominent film role in the upcoming movie Geezer, and shortly after a screening of the film at New York's Tribeca Film Festival, the singer took the stage for a memorable set that included a guest turn by Joan Jett.

In the video above, you can see Armstrong and drummer Tre Cool joined onstage by guest bassist Jesse Malin subbing in for an absent Mike Dirnt and Jett walking out to join them. The performance starts with the familiar sounds of the Green Day hit "American Idiot" before a segue into Jett's classic "Bad Reputation." Armstrong joked about Dirnt's absence, stating, "Mike's gonna be pissed" after getting the chance to play with Jett.

The brief set also included performances of the songs "Devil's Kind," "Scattered" and "Ordinary World," with the latter song playing a key part in the Geezer film. You can see additional footage from the show in the video below.

Geezer stars Armstrong as a former punk band leader still trying to adjust to the real world a decade after his band split. But a party allows the rocker to reconnect with his old music associates and possibly revive his career. Selma Blair, Judy Green, Fred Armisen and Chris Messina also star. Armstrong also penned several tracks for the movie as well.

See Footage From Billie Joe Armstrong's Tribeca Film Festival Performance

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