Who knew Bigfoot had historic ties to the Hudson Valley? Apparently seeing Bigfoot isn't a new trend in the region.

Whether you believe in it or not, Bigfoot is one of those mythical creatures that we all are kind of interested in, right? A bipedal creature could very well exist. Stranger things have happened!

You might be familiar with the group, Bigfoot Researchers of The Hudson Valley. It's led by Gayle Beaty and her team of investigators who look into Bigfoot sightings and stories here in the Hudson Valley. Within the last few years, Gayle has reported some major sightings. For instance, there was a story from June of 2020 where a woman in Hyde Park said to have seen Bigfoot swinging from the trees in her backyard while she was doing yard work.

Beaty herself has had several experiences with Bigfoot including an encounter on Stissing Mountain in Pine Plains when she was a young girl.


I'll admit, every so often I hear a local Bigfoot story and laugh it off but then go through the Bigfoot rabbit hole. It happened recently and this time I found myself a map of Bigfoot sightings across New York State.

Ryan Reading created the NY BIGFOOT SIGHTING map through Google which gives those who have had a Bigfoot encounter the opportunity to share their story. Reading then drops a pin on the location of the sighting and a little backstory of what was experienced.

We learned that Bigfoot (and Baby Bigfoot) have called parts of the Hudson Valley home since the 1960s. There's a story dating back to 1962 in Maybrook that involves a "creature" terrorizing local turkey farms. So much so that the Maybrook Bigfoot was nicknamed "Turkey Monster."

Take a look below at some of the past Bigfoot sightings in and around the Hudson Valley over the last few years. Let us know if you've had a Bigfoot encounter yourself that can be added to the list!

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