Ever wonder what it was like to be 'The Captain' of the New York Yankees as they dominated the diamond in the decade of the 90's and beyond?

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ESPN is preparing to shoot a behind the curtain look at Derek Jeter in a multipart docuseries, similar to 'The Last Dance' feature on Michael Jordan. The series is scheduled to debut in 2022 and will be called 'The Captain' offering a look at 'the man behind the icon' says ESPN, and will cover his two decades as the Yankees Hall of Fame shortstop and captain, as well as his off-field romances.

The six-part series will be directed by Randy Wilkins, whose done some directing of past ESPN 30 for 30 docs, and is reportedly a big Yankee fan. On Twitter, Wilkins said he's known since September that he'd be handling the project, adding that he was 'honored' and 'proud'.

"I never thought I would be given the responsibility to tell Derek's story," Wilkins said on Twitter. "I take great pride in this. I won't get too deep into this now, but trust me, this will not be a baseball highlight package. We're going to tell a robust story that extends beyond the field."

Wilkins also said Spike Lee will serve as Executive Producer, and that the producers of Jordan's special 'The Last Dance' are 'on board' with this project.

Jeter's career spanned 1995 through 2014. That first year he only appeared in a handful of games, and would go on to win the American League Rookie of the Year in 1996, along with his first of five World Series Rings. The Captain was a 14-time All Star and while he never won a season MVP award, he was named MVP of the 2000 World Series when the Yanks took down the rival Mets. Jeter's No.2 is retired by the Yankees, and Jeter is set to be enshrined in the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown this summer.

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