All Bed, Bath & Beyond "brick & mortar" stores may be closed but the new owner of the brand has just relaunched their website.

Many of us were sad when we heard the news earlier this year that all Bed, Bath & Beyond (BB&B) stores were closing due to bankruptcy. The store closing not only left many employees scrambling to find new jobs, it also took customers by surprise and now it appears that the new owner of the Bed, Bath & Beyond brand has announced they are planning to continue operating the online store and app according to News 10.

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Bed, Bath & Beyond Relaunched

The BB&B website was officially relaunched on Tuesday and will give fans the opportunity to shop for their favorite household items, furniture, rugs, and much more online. The relaunch will include some changes for Overstock users including being redirected to the Bed, Bath & Beyond website when you attempt to go to the website. Both websites are now one. Users might also notice a few other changes including that they are no longer affiliated with buybuy BABY and Harmon.

Home Goods Chain Bed Bath & Beyond To Close 60 Stores
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Overstock Becomes Bed, Bath & Beyond

If you have ever shopped online and created an account don't be surprised when you go to use that account now and see that it is now a Bed, Bath and Beyond account. All accounts will now become Bed, Bath, and Beyond accounts.

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With the merger of websites completed the company did say that they will not allow any items sold through Bed, Bath & Beyond before August 1 to be returned.

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They also made it clear that gift cards and any coupons that were issued by the previous owners will NOT be accepted. Since the website relaunch fans of BB&B have asked if Overstock will be bringing back the popular gift registry. Overstock said that at this time gift registry will not return but that could change in the future. also said that they currently have no plans to reopen any physical BB&B stores.

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