Well, that was close. But when it comes to astronomy, close meaning 39,000 miles.

That's the distance an asteroid passed by the Earth Friday afternoon, according o the NY Post. The space rock, which is estimated to be anywhere from 50 to 130 feet across, flew by the Earth at a distance one-fifth closer than the Moon's orbit. 

This is actually the second asteroid to pass near the Earth just this week. What has some scientists concerned is that both asterroids were only discovered February 4. 

...it is a reminder that asteroids can pass very close to our planet and it’s important that we find these objects when they do get close.

These asteroids are simply too small to be detected until they get really close to our planet.

An asteroid of that size wouldn't spell the end of humanity, but it could cause serious, widespread damage to a city if it were to strike the planet.

Here's video of the meteor that exploded in the atmosphere above Russia five years ago.