Some of you may be happy to hear that Arby's is bringing back their venison burger nationwide.

Thing is, it's only for one day.

The NY Daily News says that the fast food chain which, who's slogan boasts "We Have the Meats!" will bring back the specialty burger (or sandwich, whatever) that debuted last fall, Saturday, October 21. This will coincide with hunting season across many areas of the county.

Arby's introduced the deer sandwich in 2016 for almost a month in six states, with some locations selling out of the stuff within fifteen minutes. If this is your sort of thing, then you can head to the Arby's in Newburgh on 17K, or the one in Danbury, or their two locations near Albany this Saturday.

Or if you really like venison, you can just hunt for your own meal yourself instead of eating something at a fast food place that will probably taste like sandpaper.