It's time to eat all the fall desserts. Recently, the Hudson Valley loudly and definitively answered the question about the best apple cider donut in the area. Now, the discussion has turned to pies.

"Where can I get the best apple pie in the area?", asked a Fishkill, NY resident on Facebook. The comments came rolling in. From small businesses to big box stores, everyone had an opinion on which apple-slingers had the best baked goods.

Joe's Dairy Bar & Grill via Facebook
Joe's Dairy Bar & Grill via Facebook

Best Fall Pies

If ice cream is the official dessert of the summer, pies have to be the official pastry of fall. Apples and pumpkins are multi-talented fruits and gourds, but they shine brightest when you cover them in crust and pop them in the oven. We'll cover pumpkins another day, because now it's time for apples to shine.

Tatiana Vulgutova via Canva
Tatiana Vulgutova via Canva

Best Apple Pie in Dutchess County, NY

As a note, this is specifically a list for Dutchess County. While there are brilliant bakeries and farms all across the Hudson Valley (looking at you, Tantillo's in Gardiner), this time we're focusing squarely on the east side of the Hudson River.

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Unsurprisingly, there is some overlap in the answers between the best apple cider donuts and apple pies. With apples as the common denominator, it's no wonder that a farm stand with a great donut also has a great pie, but there are a few surprises as well. Check out the top suggestions below, and keep scrolling to find the best places for those aforementioned apple cider donuts, too.

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