Apple unveiled their next sate-of the-art upgrade with the iPhone X during the big press conference Tuesday.

One of the newest features to the one thousand dollar iPhone was Face ID. The facial scanning feature will take the place of the home button. This is really like some science fiction Star Trek-type stuff brought to life, right?

Well, sure enough the damn thing didn't work during a live demonstration in front of tens of thousands (maybe even more).

The NY Post says that Apple's Craig Federighi was attempting to show the world the just how easy the new facial recognition feature worked when an era message popped up instead.

Some have suggested that a clumsy staffer(s) who prepped the phone for Federighi are at fault. However, this is the same era that shows up if you use a wrong finger for Touch ID, so it looks like the Face ID system was acting a bit wonky.

In spite of the blunder, people are probably already lining up to buy these things. Well, maybe that's an exaggeration (we hope), as the X arrives on November 3. You can pre-order October 27.Yeah, people will spend thousands on this sort of stuff.

The iPhones 8 and 8 Plus arrive September 22.