In an announcement today, American Airlines said they will be suspending service to Stewart Airport.

According to CNBC, the airline company said that they will be pulling out of 15 cities across the country after federal aid runs out in October. Airlines in the U.S. that received a share of the $25 billion in federal payroll support were required to keep service at a certain level until the end of September.

There has been bipartisan support for another $25 billion in bailout money for the airline industry, but that is included in a coronavirus aid package that has hit a brick wall in congress. As politicians continue to argue over the funding, American Airlines says they have no choice but to end service to their least popular routes. The decision of which cities to drop from their itineraries was based on destinations that have little demand and aren't expected to rebound anytime soon.

American Airlines has been offering nonstop flights to they hub in Philadelphia, with connections globally. Besides Stewart Airport in New Windsor, service will also be cut to New Haven, CT and Williamsport, PA.  A full list of airports is listed on CNBC's website.

The termination of routes is expected to happen at all 15 airports between October 7 and November 3. It's unclear what will happen with flights already booked after this time, no clear information was found on American Airlines' website.

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