If you're psyching yourself up to make that New Year's resolution that you most likely won't keep (Really, the gym THREE times a week?), check out these 5 resolutions that aren't just easy to do, but will make 2014 a better year for you and the people around you.

1: Try Hawaiian Pizza
Pineapple, Ham, Pizza... it's just delicious.  And if it doesn't sound delicious to you, just try it and you'll find out how wrong you are. Maybe you're one of those people who has never tried a Hawaiian pizza because it sounds so outrageous and crazy... well, get over yourself. You're not committing to a funky new hairstyle, it's just pizza.  Eat it and judge for yourself (but you're going to love it).

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2: Turn Your Camera Sideways When Shooting Video
Look at your TV or computer monitor.  Now look at your phone.  Get it?  If you're shooting video with your camera in a vertical position it's going to be painful to watch anywhere but on your phone in a vertical position.  Turn the camera horizontal, and now your video is watchable on a host of other types of media devices.  You may not care, but your kids may want a document of their lives that they can actually watch one day... and if you happen to catch Bigfoot rummaging through your garbage can, the local news will thank you.

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3: Stop Writing Checks
It's 2013... scratch that, 2014!  Debit cards exist not only for your convenience, but for the sanity of the person standing behind you at Price Chopper.  Stop taking out your quill and inkwell every time you want to make a purchase.  Worried about identity theft, getting your card stolen?  It's not 1980.  There are plenty of safeguards in place so if the unlikely happens, you'll be covered.  In fact, you're more likely to get into serious identity theft territory if someone grabs one of those antique checks and hacks directly into your bank account. Put down then pen, it's time.  And while you're at it, set up auto payments for your monthly bills and save yourself that useless postage and writers cramp.  Better yet, if you're a disciplined saver and spender and can trust yourself to pay everything off each month, get one of those credit cards that earns bonus rewards and autopay all of your bills with it each month (and pay it off in full).  Before you know it, the oil bill, cellphone bill, cable bill, grocery bills and electric bill will instantly turn into free flights, hotel rooms or even more.

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4: Spend One Day Obeying Every Traffic Rule
Change lanes without using a signal? Text while stopped a red light? Don't come to a full stop at every stop sign? Everyone thinks they're the greatest driver in the world and these minor rules are in place for everyone else... not us.  We're too busy living life, right?  Well, challenge yourself to spend one day following the letter of every single traffic law just to see how much it actually slows you down.  You may be surprised at how little effort it takes to be a good driver. Plus, you may be shocked at how bad your driving skills have gotten since your road test!

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5: Stop Complaining About The Weather
We live in the Hudson Valley.  It's cold in the Winter and hot in the Summer.  Now let's move on to more important matters.

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Think you've got an even better resolution? Let everyone know in the comments section below.