Are you looking for a new job? So many people are out of work in the Hudson Valley and New York State. Yes, there are reasons for people to be hesitant to return to the work place full-time. However, if you are looking for either part-time of full-time employment, in the Hudson Valley alone, there are a few thousand job openings.

According to the New York Labor Board Job Listing, these are the amount of jobs in that are available, keep in mind, there are quite a few more than just this.

Those above numbers add up to just over 2100 job openings. So what are you looking for in a new job? Are you looking for a job that you can work online from home? Or are you the type of person who needs to actually go into a workplace each day?

Here are a few other places that are hiring or offering to help you brush up on your job skills.

How many applications have you put in? How many people have responded? Do you find that the people that are hiring are overwhelmed too? What would you like to tell prospective employers that they should be offering to new employees?

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