An incredible meteor shower will take place over the Hudson Valley tonight, and all you need to do is look in the right place at right time.

The Geminid meteor shower happens every December, and is known by stargazers as one of the best celestial shows of the year. The display of shooting stars appears around the Gemini constellation and could produce over 100 meteors per hour. That's great news for people who don't feel like standing around in the cold waiting to catch a shooting star.

Your best chance of seeing the meteor shower here in the Hudson Valley is to get far away from overhead lights and find a clear view of Gemini. You can use one of those free mobile apps on your smartphone to show you exactly where the constellation is in the sky above.

Time Magazine suggests going outside near 2am for the best view. that's when the sky is at its darkest. The meteor shower, however, will be visible any time it's dark between Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

The National Weather Service is calling for a chance of light snow after midnight with clouds increasing throughout the evening, so if you're planning on checking out the show in the Hudson Valley you might want to start early in the evening.

If you do happen to catch the meteor shower we'd love to see your pictures or video. Be sure to upload them to our Facebook page.