So are you or someone in your family a gamer? Have you've been following what's going on in North Korea over the past year?

It appears North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un will be the star of his very own video game entitled Glorious Leader! An Atlanta, GA based video game company called Moneyhorse has developed the game, that will be available for PC's and mobile devices...where you are the "Glorious Leader" himself, battling capitalists, and American paratroopers.while riding everything from tanks to unicorns through the streets of Pyongyang in an effort to destroy America. The game is clearly a satire of Kim and his regime, as evident by the over-the-top story line, and even the outdated retro 1980's visual appearance and game style.

And case you were wondering, Un's all time favorite American buddy Dennis Rodman does make an appearance, where you as Kim must face him in a one on one game of basketball.