Wrestling legend Nikolai Volkoff died on Sunday, July 29.

It was reported on Sunday that WWE Hall of Famer Nikolai Volkoff passed away due to heart problems at the age of 70. WWE issued a statement calling Nikolai Volkoff (real name Josip Peruzovic) "One of the greatest villains sports-entertainment had ever seen." Nikolai Volkoff had a nearly 40 year wrestling career, best known for his work playing the role of a villainous Russian in the WWE (then WWF). He held the WWF Tag Team Championship with partner The Iron Sheik. He also teamed with Boris Zhukov later on as The Bosheviks.

Being a big wrestling fan for well over 30 years, it's sad to hear of another legend's passing. Growing up, Nikolai Volkoff and Iron Sheik were all over the tv. They were one of the greatest tag teams ever, and a couple of the best villains. They certainly knew how to get heat from the crowd when Nikolai would sing the Russian national anthem before a match and Sheik would degrade the USA. Check out classic video below of an angry crowd at Madison Square Garden. R.I.P. Nikolai. Thanks for the memories.