It's a super collection of WPDH artists live.  The Beatles, Billy Joel, Van Halen and Dire Straits.  Yes all on the same stage, our stage.  Sunday night at 10pm on 101.5 WPDH and on the WPDH app.

The Beatles performance comes from the Hollywood Bowl in Hollywood, California in August of 1964 and they came back again to perform in August of 1965.  Originally released on vinyl in 1977 it has been re-released on vinyl and digital services back in November of last year.

Billy Joel did 6 shows in what was called the Soviet Union (U.S.S.R.) back in 1987.  He was invited by the Kremlin government to perform as a good will gesture and as part "Glasnost" or government transparency.  They wish the citizens to have some more "controlled" freedom in their lives and this was their first chance to hear  western music since it was shunned by the government.