Smitty needs your help picking Artists of the Week for the 3 O'Clock Block

So, everyday we do the 3 O'Clock Block which is three songs from our Artist of the Week during the No Replay Workday.

We have featured some great artists during the 3 o'clock block, but I really want to hear your suggestions. Email me at and let me know which artist you want to hear. Feel free to include any specific songs you want as well.

This week we featured Bob Seger as our Artist of the Week. Here's a rundown of the songs we played:

  1. Against the Wind
  2. Beautiful Loser
  3. Old Time Rock and Roll
  4. Night Moves
  5. Feel Like a Number
  6. Still the Same
  7. Mainstreet
  8. Katmandu
  9. Rock and Roll Never Forgets
  10. Turn the Page
  11. Come to Poppa
  12. Fire Lake
  13. Hollywood Nights
  14. Travelin' Man / Beautiful Loser
  15. Betty Lou's Getting Out Tonight