Shoppers looked on in horror as a woman plunged to her death at a Hudson Valley mall on Monday.

In what witnesses believe was a suicide, the woman leaped over the fourth floor railing and landed on her head. CBS News reports the incident happened at the Palisades Mall just after 1pm.

An off-duty EMT worker was nearby and attempted to perform CPR. The woman had no vital signs and was unable to be revived.

This would not be the first time someone committed suicide at the Rockland County shopping mall. In 2015 a woman jumped from the fourth floor and was later pronounced dead. That same year a 21-year-old daredevil jumped over the second floor railing after being encouraged by a friend and wound up injuring his leg.

Police are still investigating Monday's incident and have not revealed the identity of the woman. The mall remained open throughout the day, with only a small area closed off by police.