Here we are, almost Labor Day, and once again I find myself asking where did the summer go? Just the other night, I noticed a chill in the air as it was getting dark. And it wasn’t even 8PM. I was feeling pretty sad about saying goodbye to summer. Then something amazing happened.

I walked into a store and started seeing fall stuff: cute pumpkins and acorns, maple and bacon flavored cashews, cozy sweaters and blankets. And I actually started looking forward to autumn. I don’t know what "powers that be" turn on the nesting instinct, but it happens every fall and I’m thankful. Suddenly, I’m thinking about where to view the best fall foliage, making plans for beer and harvest festivals, and looking at slow cooker recipes. I’m getting ready to put fluffy blankets on my couch and wondering if this is the year that I’ll actually carve a pumpkin.

The end of summer can be pretty depressing. Kids are back in school, vacations are over, and the weather is going to get cold. But we have so many things to look forward to: the bright oranges and reds of autumn, the coziness of a fire on a chilly night, the excitement of the holidays. And come January, we’ll be… nevermind. Let’s not ruin the fall by thinking about January. Happy Fall!