The Hudson Valley's got some beefy dads.

Whether it's grilling, mowing the lawn, playing with the kids or just being his amazing self, the Dad in your life is probably a pretty great guy. We've been asking for WPDH listeners to nominate the dad in their life as the "Beefiest Dad in the Hudson Valley by telling us what makes their "Beefy Dad" so wonderful and sharing a photo of him being a fantastic father.

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We were flooded with photos of some pretty amazing dads doing what they do best, but there can only be one winner. The Beefiest Dad for 2023 is Nicholas Morris from New Windsor. Nicholas' daughter, Alison, says that he embodies that true "dad persona" and is an inspiration to not just his children, but also his students.

Not only is my dad a huge listener of WPDH, he also adores a good steak! I believe that my dad more than deserves Omaha steaks for his fathers day. My dad is cool, calm, and collected and is also just a fantastic dad overall.


Nicholas Morris
Nicholas Morris

From grilling and mowing the lawn all the way to his comedic spirit and loving dad persona (which also shines bright when he teaches his students!), I would love to be able to show him my appreciation and love in the form of this killer opportunity to gift him something he loves (just a little less than he loves his daughters and family of course!).

Nicholas will receive an amazing Omaha Steaks package and the joy of bragging to everyone that he's truly a "beefy" dad. Scroll below to see some of our other favorite submissions in this year's contest.

The Beefiest Dads in the Hudson Valley

We asked the WPDH listeners to send us a photo of their "beefy" dad and nominate him to win a special package from Omaha Steaks. Here are just some of our favorites.