Kiss drummer Eric Singer said the band’s decision-making process is led by Paul Stanley, despite many people believing it’s Gene Simmons who makes the calls.

He revealed that, while the two remaining founder members work in a partnership, it’s Stanley who has the final say.

“People always think it’s Gene,” Singer told Rock Music Star in a recent interview. “Respectfully, Gene and Paul do the thing together, but I always tell people, it’s not what you think. Nothing happens in Kiss without Paul Stanley saying, ‘Yay.’ There’s some times when Paul doesn’t care about something, and says, ‘Yeah, I don’t care. Whatever.’ ... Put it this way, if Gene wants to do it, and Eric and Tommy [Thayer] want to do it, and everybody else … if Paul doesn’t want to do something, we’re not doing it. If Paul wants to do it and Gene doesn’t, Gene usually says, ‘Okay, whatever.’ Gene usually just wants to play. He just wants to keep doing whatever we do.”

Singer also praised Stanley’s ability to remain focused. “How many guys do you know who are 65 and in that shape?" he noted. "Paul’s in phenomenal shape. You know why? He puts in the time. He’s done that most of his life. He’s been one of those guys who watches what he eats, takes care of himself and works out. … It’s not easy to do that. I gotta give the guy credit, because it takes a lot of hard work and a lot of discipline in being able to do that.”

The drummer added that “it’s funny how you can kind of inspire and influence each other. And Paul, to me, in that regard, is very inspirational.”

Stanley recently said Kiss would embark on “the biggest tour we’ve done” in 2019, after the band filed a trademark application for the phrase “The End of the Road.”



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