This local town likes to show off their ink more than any other place in the Hudson Valley.

When it comes to tattoos, the Hudson Valley has some of the best artists, creating some pretty interesting and original ink. While you might think that these tattoos are mostly being created for the younger generation, more and more older residents are getting new work done to either existing tattoos or starting up for the first time.

An analysis done for by Kingston Creative looked at all of the tattoo-related Instagram photos taken the Hudson Valley and sorted them by town. The goal was to find out where most tattoo lovers were located and what city could be named the Tattoo Capitol of the Hudson Valley.

The analysis surprisingly showed New Paltz only coming in at #3 with 214 tattoo-related posts. You'd think this uninhibited town with a young, college-aged population would have been all the way at the top of the list, but that was certainly not the case. Poughkeepsie, in fact, had over twice the amount of tattoo posts, making them #2 on the list.

Beautiful tattooed woman looking back over colored background

But it was Kingston of all places that blew up Instagram with almost 650 posts about tattoos during the same time frame. We're not sure what it is about Kingston that makes them the tattoo capitol of the Hudson Valley, but according to the data, they get the crown.

To be fair, Orange County was omitted from the survey, so we're not sure if Middletown's or Newburgh's tattooed population would have affected the results or not.