As crews continue to clean up from winter storm Stella, Hudson Valley residents are finding out fast that there's just no room to put all of the white stuff.

Huge mounds of snow have started to pile up everywhere, with frustrated homeowners wondering if they will ever see their back decks again. Local businesses are also buried underneath towering piles of snow that have taken up precious parking spaces.

Those large snow mounds have also made it hard to peer around corners and driveways, forcing drivers to play a dangerous guessing game when pulling out. With freezing overnight temperatures and more snow on the way it looks like these piles will be around for a long time to come.

We want to know where the largest snow pile in the Hudson Valley is. Have you seen a massive pile of snow in a store parking lot or in a public section of your town? We'd love to measure it up against some of the other piles to find out who has the biggest.

Send us a quick photo or a video like the one below. You can upload it directly to our Facebook page or, even easier, just use the free WPDH mobile app to instantly send it over.