Some are calling 2018 the Year Without Spring. Most of us can agree it's been way too cold for too long. We're ready for warmer weather.

But what do the months ahead hold in store for the area?

There are always a number of different forecasts calling for different scenarios; such as NOAA or even the Old Farmer's Almanac. But is saying that the Hudson Valley and the Northeast should experience a near normal to slightly above average temperature pattern over the next several months. 

Precipitation amounts should be around normal for the next several months.

But first we have to get through May, which forecasters are saying could be a little below normal for temps though. June, July and August are expected to be slightly above normal. 

Now if you like it hot, the you'll be happy to know that NOAA is predicting a hot, humid summer with above average rainfall.  The Old FArmer's Almanac is a pretty much calling for the same scenario.

Of course, we can't even accurately predict the weather sometimes over the few days, let alone next few take this with a grain of salt.