We're pretty much bombarded from early November (okay, maybe nowadays like late September) till the end of the year with a non stop wall of Christmas sound, which is destined to drive you completely insane. But it's all part of the season, right? It's a time of giving, they say. A time for family and goodwill.

Keystone/Getty Images
Keystone/Getty Images

But as most of us know, Christmas music is kind of like eggnog...it can be enjoyed in limited doses, but too much and it'll make you so horribly sick you'll never want to be around it ever again. So with that, we give you the 15 worst Christmas songs of all time according to Paste Magazine.  At least one of these songs is going to cause you to snap.


These online lists are so subjective. They're usually made by some smug online geeks, hiding at safe distance on the other side of their computer monitors. I mean, there are some songs picked here that are either too silly or harmless to really take that seriously. Grandma Got Ran over By A Reindeer? I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa? Alvin and the Chipmunks? Ehh, they never really bothered me that much. Then, you have an apparent lack of appreciation for non English speaking cultures trying to celebrate Christmas.  Feliz Navidad? Well, that's not very tolerant. There are even a few selections here that make me wonder if Scrooge himself is making the picks. I mean, Jingle Bells, really?

But some here are downright awful and make me weep for humanity...

Or how bout this?

Oh god, make it stop!

And then we have my all time least favorite...

Paul McCartney's Wonderful Christmastime. Yes...somehow the very same man who once wrote Helter Skelter, Yesterday, Let It Be, and Hey Jude gave us this festive pile of Yuletide crap. Between those annoying keyboards and that chorus heard over and over again, I think playing this song at very high volume could have been used as torture for those unfortunate souls shipped off to GitMo.


So what are some of your picks for all time worst Christmas songs?