Everyone loves a good ghost story, but what if you were part of it?

UPDATE: Niki sent us this photo of what her kitchen looked like this morning.

Credit: Niki Hotaling
Credit: Niki Hotaling

I came across this story on Facebook and I am fully invested. Niki is a mom from Gasport, and she posted the following story on her Facebook page:

According to her post, there's a "pretty high level" of paranormal activity that goes on in her house. She says in the post, she thinks something in the last few days has "really heightened the activity."

Niki goes on to tell the story of the ghost and the dishwasher. She says the other night after the dishwasher was done with the wash cycle, she opened the dishwasher door to allow the dishes to dry off and cool off before putting them away. She says she took out the silverware caddy, turned off the kitchen lights, and went outside to tend to some things.

About 45 minutes later she says she returned to the kitchen to find the lights on and dishes stacked on the floor in front of it!

She says there were three cups together with a bowl stacked on top and two cups on either side. The arrangement looks deliberate, and its doesn't look like there's any possibility the dishes fell out of the dishwasher and landed that way.

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Niki posted a video showing another recurring paranormal activity in her house involving her daughter's birthday balloons. Take a look at the video and judge for yourself.

I have had my own paranormal experiences, most recently following the death of my mother two months ago.

At the end of January, I was moving. All my things were in boxes, and when I went to use my electric toothbrush and found the batteries were dead -- I just used it the old fashioned way.

It went like that for the week of the move, which was also the week my mom was admitted to the ICU. Every time I went to use the toothbrush, I would hit the power button out of habit. Nothing, as expected.

By the end of the week, Mom was home from the hospital and conversations about Hospice were happening. I had done zero unpacking, and let things like changing the batteries in my toothbrush go by the wayside.

Every morning and night though, I still hit that button out of habit. Nothing, as expected.

Any time between working and homeschooling were spent with mom until she died on the morning of March 10. The Sunday after her memorial was the first time I hadn't gone to her house in months.

On that Wednesday night -- exactly a week after she died -- I went to use my toothbrush and out of habit, hit the button. But this time it started right up...fresh batteries!

I texted my fiance to thank him, because I figured he must have had enough of watching me hit the button on my toothbrush to no effect for six weeks. It also made me think something like that is something my mom would have done.

When he eventually came up to bed he looked at his phone and said, "I didn't change the batteries."

And then it hit me. She said hi. And she was still taking care of me.

If you've seen "Surviving Death" on Netflix, you know there's a theory that spirits of our loved ones -- our surviving consciousness -- can affect electronics.

Because my mother knows I'm not into subtleties, she said hi again the next day.

I have my mom's cell phone, and the day she died, looked at the last few of our messages. Last week when I looked there wasn't anything there I hadn't seen before.

When I checked again yesterday, I saw this:

Credit: Val Townsend
Credit: Val Townsend

Just because I can't see her, that doesn't mean she isn't here with me -- and thankfully, not afraid to show it.

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