Monday will start off milder, though it won't last for very long. Strong winds and colder temperatures will send wind chills down close to 0 overnight, as a cold snap will make it feel more like the middle of January rather than the first of March. How long will the cold stick around?

Highs Monday will be in the 40s, with clouds in the morning and increasing sun during the afternoon. A Wind Advisory goes into affect at 1 P.M, as wind gust could exceed 40 M.P.H. Monday night will bring the return of Arctic-like temperatures, as the mercury is expected to plunge to the lower 10s. Wind chill factors could fall around 0 to 5 degrees.

Highs Tuesday will only be around 30, as skies should remain partly cloudy. The winds will continue to be a factor though, as guts should reach 20 to 30 M.P.H. once again. Lows will fall into the upper 10s Tuesday night. Fortunately, the colder weather won't last for long, as temperatures are expected to rebound into the mid 40s by Wednesday. Lows will fall into the mid 20s overnight, under partly cloudy skies.

Thursday should be much like Wednesday, with highs in the 40s and lows again in the 20s, with a mixture of sun and clouds. Friday will see slightly cooler temps, with highs around 40. Friday night is expected to be quite cold, with lows falling into the 10s.

Spring is only a few weeks away, but it looks like the snow and cold aren't gone just yet. The Hudson Valley's spring weather forecast says it could take a while to really warm up. AccuWeather is calling for below average temperatures in the Northeast to stick around through March and into at least early April. Meteorologists also say there's a possibility for a continued pattern of snow storms through at least late March. Don't put away the winter clothes just yet.

But that could just be the beginning? Some meteorologists believe all the winter weather we've experienced in February may actually be setting up an active severe weather season by later into the spring. A late start to spring-like weather could mean an increased chance for severe thunderstorms, and even tornadoes, by later in the season before. One of the reasons is La Niña. The bitter cold we're seeing across most areas of the nation will eventually clash with warmer and more humid air moving up from the south. AccuWeather says by May the jet stream will move further and further north, as high pressure builds over the center of the country. This is where strong cold fronts and severe weather form in the spring time and then move east. AccuWeather says that areas of the Northeast could be a target for severe weather by then, as the storms gain strength when they move into areas of clashing air masses.

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