Does this revolutionary, meatless burger live up to the hype? We found out the answer.

Poughkeepsie is one of only eight cities across the country that is getting a sneak peak of the new Beyond Burger from BurgerFi. This plant-based burger has been receiving rave reviews because it gives the impression that it’s an actual beef burger that full of grease, but actually contains no cholesterol at all.

The “blood” coming from the burger is actually made with beet juice. As for the taste, well, you can check out our reaction when we picked up one a couple of these $8.67 burgers at the BurgerFi on Raymond Avenue in Poughkeepsie.

If our review inspires you to try this burger out for yourself we'd love to know what you think. How does the Beyond Burger hold up to an actual beef burger? Would you order it again? Send us your reviews on our Facebook page or share it in the comments section below.