A number of Hudson Valley residents were startled when they spotted bears near their homes or children.

East Fishkill police received reports Wednesday night and Thursday morning about a bear seen going into trash cans and wandering in the areas of Rainbow Crest and Appalachian West, in the Wiccopee area of town.

"Residents should be aware that this is the time of year when bears migrate from place to place looking for easy food sources," East Fishkill police wrote on Facebook "Keep garbage cans inside, remove bird feeders and outside pet food, and keep BBQ grills clean and free of grease, since all attract bears. Keep pets inside and do not allow them to confront a bear."

Over the weekend there were multiple reports of bear sightings in northern Westchester.

According to Yorktown police, a bear hopped the fence at Lakeland High School and startled a few Shrub Oak lacrosse players Sunday morning.

The bear then made his way through the Sagamore Road and Ivy Road neighborhoods of Mohegan Lake, ultimately crossing Stoney Street early Sunday afternoon.

On Saturday, Yorktown police reported two bear sightings. One near the area of Turkey Mountain, Route 118 and Route 129. The other around the area of Pines Bridge Road.

Most bears will move on if left alone, police say. It's advised that you report any bear sighting so police can investigate and see if the DEC needs to respond.