Are you a person who knows how you use a long gun? Maybe you are a former military service member who is now retired or maybe you are a gun enthusiast who believes that everyone should know how to operate a long gun safely? The Dutchess County 4-H programs are always looking for qualified adult instructors to help with teaching and coaching.

There are a few different programs who help to teach kids as young as 8-years-old through the age of 19, gun safety and shooting and these programs are now looking for instructor volunteers, for the Dutchess County 4-H Shooting Stars Programs.

While the main goal of the programs are to teach firearm safety and proper use, and the legalities of firearms, the participants can also enter competitions. The 4-H fundamentals will always be a part of the learning environment, encouraging confidence, character and competence in all that they do.

The programs are through the Dutchess County 4-H, and the students will meet at different ranges throughout Dutchess County. If you are qualified and interested in participating as a student or as a volunteer instructor, contact Emma Jenks at

Surprised that this is one of the skills that 4-H teaches? Maybe you thought that the only things 4-H did were related to animal husbandry and the milk shakes at the fair? These are only just a few of the programs that are meant to encourage and educate our youth today.

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