We're taking you with us on a virtual ride down the a local Hudson Valley snow tubing hill.

On a recent trip to Hunter Mountain my family and I spent two hours zipping down the hill at the ski resort's snow tubing area. Conditions were perfect since temperatures were below freezing and surface snow was pretty much frozen.

While I'm not exactly sure what speed we were actually going, it felt pretty darn fast. But the ride was incredibly smooth and lots of fun. In fact, my 5-year-old had the time of his life and he's terrified of pretty much everything.

I decided to set up a reverse angle shot so you could see both sides of the trip down. The 30 second trip from the bottom to top went something like this:

If you decide to go snow tubing for yourself remember to wear lots of layers and be prepared with lots of fluids. Although the park offers a "magic carpet" to get you and your tube to the top of the hill, there's still plenty of walking involved in hard to maneuver snow, so you're going to get in a pretty good work out.

Have you been snow tubing anywhere in the Hudson Valley this winter? We'd love to see your video. Upload your footage to our Facebook page or send it directly to us with one click using the free WPDH app.