A new series set in Dutchess County premiered on USA Network this Sunday.

USA Network’s 10-episode anthology "Eyewitness" premiered this week on USA Network. The show takes place in the Dutchess County town of Tivoli and revolves around Helen, who is a former homicide detective from the city that moves to the Hudson Valley for a simpler life.

Eyewitness - Season 1
Christos Kalohoridis/USA Network

The premiere episode sets up the premise that Helen, played by Julianne Nicholson, won't get the rest and relaxation she's looking for after a triple-homicide happens. Helen's foster son witnessed the crime during a forbidden romantic encounter that he desperately wants to keep secret, so he tells no one, including his foster mother.

USA Network describes Helen's predicament as the main focus of the show:

With a murderer on the loose who is desperate to silence any link to the killings, Helen will stop at nothing to solve the case and bring peace back to Tivoli.

If you missed the premiere episode, it's available to stream online for free. Or you can check out the first 12 minutes right now.

Don't strain yourself looking for local hotspots, however. Although the show takes place in Dutchess County, it was filmed entirely in Canada.