No charges will be filed after an EMT was killed following a shift in Newburgh.

On Wednesday, Orange County District Attorney David M. Hoovler announced his office completed its investigation into a fatal accident involving a Hudson Valley EMT.

Hudson Valley EMT Killed In Newburgh, New York

Ambulnz By DocGo - Hudson Valley
Ambulnz By DocGo - Hudson Valley

On December 16, paramedic Lisa Sillins was hit by a van after finishing a shift in the City of Newburgh.

"Lisa worked in the local EMS industry for more than 20 years. She is a core member of the Ambulnz family and one of the original team members of our Upstate New York operation. Her friends and family will never forget her joyful attitude, sense of humor and fun. Above all, she was devoted to her work in EMS and to those she worked with," Ambulnz By DocGo - Hudson Valley said.

She was walking across Route 9W, near the intersection at North Street, in the City of Newburgh to the employee parking lot when she was hit by a van.



"Lisa worked as a paramedic for over 20 years for numerous agencies throughout the Hudson Valley area during her career," the Yorktown Heights Volunteer Fire Department wrote on Facebook.

Sillins passed away from her injuries on Dec. 21.

"Lisa was a dedicated, caring paramedic and a beloved member of the Ambulnz team. She was a shining light for her teammates, patients, and the community she faithfully served. She made a positive impact on all those around her," Ambulnz By DocGo - Hudson Valley stated.

Ambulnz By DocGo - Hudson Valley
Ambulnz By DocGo - Hudson Valley

Driver Reportedly Drunk In Orange County

Following the fatal crash, there were allegations the driver was drunk.

"Sillins had just completed her shift in Newburgh and was walking across the street to the employee parking lot when she was hit by a drunk driver, according to officials," the Yorktown Heights Volunteer Fire Department said.

Drunk Driving

However, following an investigation, it was found the driver was not intoxicated, according to the Orange County District Attorney's Office.

Driver Found Not To Be Drunk

The driver of the van stopped and cooperated with law enforcement officers, including consenting to have a sample of his blood taken so that it could be analyzed, officials say.

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"The results of that analysis showed evidence that the driver had not consumed any alcohol or any legal or illegal drugs, cannabis, or marijuana, which would have affected his ability to drive," the Orange County District Attorney's Office stated.

The City of Newburgh Police Department reviewed videos from many angles of the crash and found there is no indication that the driver was speeding, nor was the driver driving faster than other cars.

Dawn J. Benko/Townsquare Media
Dawn J. Benko/Townsquare Media

"The recordings also show that he maintained traveling in his lane prior to the collision. The weather conditions were dark and rainy. It appears from the recordings that the pedestrian, who was wearing dark colored clothing and was not walking in a nearby crosswalk, stepped in front of the van as it drove by," the Orange County District Attorney's Office added.

Traffic Tickets Dismissed

Traffic tickets that were originally issued in the incident have been dismissed.

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“This was a tragic accident which claimed the life of someone who had devoted their life to helping others,” Hoovler stated. “It is clear from the toxicology report and the digital evidence that no charges should be brought against the driver. No alcohol, illicit drugs, or prescription medication were found in the blood of the driver, and the digital recording shows no traffic infractions. As District Attorney, it is my duty not just to prosecute the guilty, but to protect the innocent. The evidence in this case shows that this was a tragic accident not a crime.”

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