An Ulster County man landed himself in handcuffs after he allegedly pushed a woman holding a 2-year old child. 

Just before midnight on Saturday, Saugerties Police responded for a reported domestic dispute that was physical in nature.

Upon arrival, police found Carlos Galarza outside the residence. Galarza reported that he had a argument with a former intimate partner, the victim.

During the dispute, Galarza pushed the victim from behind causing the victim to fall while holding their 2-year old child. The victim fell breaking a baby gate.

Galarza was arrested at he scene, and processed at police headquarters. galarza was charged with Harassment in the second-degree, Endangering the Welfare of a Child, Criminal Contempt of Court Order in the second-degree.

Galarza was arraigned and released on his own recognizance upon the court issuing a n Order of Protection on behalf of the victim.

Galarza is due back in court this week.