What is the connection between New York's Hudson Valley and a top-secret new project from Microsoft?

While there's not much official information about software projects currently in development from Microsoft, we have learned some pretty interesting things about a new operating system with the code name "Hudson Valley".

Is Microsoft's "Hudson Valley" Going to Be Windows 12?

There's a consensus in the tech world that Microsoft's latest project, code-named Hudson Valley, is the next version of Windows. After this winter's update of Windows 11, it's believed that a completely new version of the operating system will be released sometime in 2024.

The new software is being described as "groundbreaking" by tech insiders whose hunches are giving us a big hint as to why this particular project is named after our region of New York.


Why is Microsoft's new software being called "Hudson Valley"?

Windowscentral.com is reporting that Microsoft's new feature is going to be a "blockbuster" enhancement that's powered by AI. What's being described as an "advanced copilot" will assist with searches, workflow, and understanding the context of your requests. The artificial intelligence engine will constantly work in the background to intuitively guide your experience.

It makes sense that an artificial intelligence-powered version of Windows would be named after the Hudson Valley. The New York region has become the country's epicenter of quantum computing.

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The IBM Q Quantum Computation Center was opened in 2019 featuring the groundbreaking computing power of the company's Q System One. The computer is the world's first quantum computing system designed for scientific and commercial use.

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Artificial intelligence takes massive amounts of computing power. Instead of using just 1s and 0s, Quantum Computers use superconductors to make millions of these calculations in the same amount of time. This advancement has led to making artificial intelligence a reality.

Will the New Operating System Officially be Named Hudson Valley?

Sadly, it's not likely that the public will ever know the Hudson Valley's connection to Microsoft's new software. Apple has famously named its operating systems after species of big cats until it ran out and began using locations in California. Microsoft, on the other hand, tends to use more sterile names for its official software releases.

Likely, the new software will simply be called Windows 12 or a new variation of Windows 11 when released.


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