Did you get a chance to listen to this week's rock news on The Boris and Robyn show? I hope your answer is yes, but if you did not here's a recap. And, thankfully, it's all pretty good news this week.

Did you miss U2 the last time they were in the area? You will be happy to know they are coming back in 2018. We have all the details about where they are going to be and when they'll be there in this week's rock news. Just click on the link below. Couldn't get tickets to see Bruce Springsteen on Broadway? At least you can check out a brand new song from him. Get more details by listening to this week's rock news. We also tell you about a new book for AC/DC fans, and one for Bob Dylan fans.

We do rock news for you every weekday morning at 6:45 on The Boris and Robyn Show. If you miss it, check back here for the recap. Have a great weekend and thanks for listening!


U2 in Concert