This rare collector's item just went up for auction online.

Back in the early days WPDH released a few limited edition classic rock albums. These promotional albums were offered up to fans of the radio station and included an eclectic compilation of music.  "WPDH Rock N Roll" was released in 1981 featuring singles from D.C. Star and Exposé.

A second volume was put out the following year including songs by Twisted Sister, Rat Race Choir, Rochestra and others. Since copies of this album were only given out in the Hudson Valley area, they are quite rare.

If you have a copy of one of these albums in your collection and were wondering how much it's worth, we may have an answer for you.

A copy of "WPDH Rock N Roll Volume II" still in it's original shrink wrap was recently offered for sale on Ebay by a collector. But you better act fast. This piece of rock and roll history is being watched by three potential buyers who have yet to buy it.

Before you race to the bank and mortgage your house to snatch this treasure up, you might want to take a peek at the asking price first. This Ebay listing was just marked down 40% to $14.97. With shipping, that brings the price to just under $19.

So while you probably won't get rich off of your vintage WPDH record collection, these albums are great collectors' items. And if you ever want some extra money to buy a ticket to the movies you can always sell it online.