One of the trickiest things to learn in Karate is how to tie that belt.

With soccer winding down many kids will be starting indoor sports for the winter, including Karate or Taekwondo. When my son started Taekwonodo our biggest challenge was learning how to properly put on the uniform.

Most martial arts uniforms are basically the same. They come with drawstring pants and a shirt with big flaps in the front and the back. Some have an elastic band that stretches across the front, helping to keep the shirt from flying up from inside the belt. Properly putting on the belt, however is the most important and challenging thing to learn.

Students with an improperly tied belt will keep having to tighten and adjust it as they kick and jump their way across the floor. However, if you tie it right the first time it should stay nice and tight throughout the class, letting your child focus on learning their lesson instead of readjusting their outfit.

After lots of trial and error, here is the perfect way to quickly and easily tie a karate belt. By following these easy instructions you and your little student will have it mastered in no time.