I don't know what age I was when I realized that Apple Pie was not just a pie that had a top crust and a bottom crust with a bunch of sweet apple filling baked in the middle.

How many different types of Apple Pie are there? Maybe it was moving to the Hudson Valley, with the abundance of apple orchards that it kept showing me that there are so many different types. The with crust, the without a top crust, the crumb crust, just to name a few. The 'slab' version, I will explain that one below, I promise.

To whomever has the patience to create the masterpiece that is the lattice top? How can you do that? It isn't a pie, that is a work of art! When you get to the end, feel free to drop a comment sharing with us your favorite version of apple pie. Do you make the pie yourself or do you buy it at a bakery? If so who has the best Apple Pie in the Hudson Valley?

Are you like my dad who has to eat it ridiculously cold? Or your you like me who likes to eat it still warm from the oven? Oh man! We haven't even started or approached the does it need to have whip cream or ice cream on it. And what's up with the people who put cheddar cheese on the top if it? I have so many questions, about so many things. Here is a glimpse into the types of Apple Pies that you will find in New York State, which is your favorite?

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