Today is Veterans Day. But let’s face it, every single day should be Veterans Day. Is there any group of people that deserve to be honored more than our Veterans? Who else would risk their lives and make so many sacrifices for our freedom as our Veterans do? Who else would go to war, watch friends die or get hurt,  and still come back to civilian life and make a difference.

A few years ago I had the honor of attending a dinner that we held for local Veterans. I was in awe just hearing the stories of bravery and selflessness of these men and women, not only in their military lives, but also when they came home. So many Veterans continue to give back to their communities and to their fellow Veterans. It’s humbling to be around so many heroes to say the least.

More recently we added Commander Tom Zurhellen to our morning show. Tom is a Veteran who dedicates his life to helping other Veterans. He even walked across the country, 22 miles a day, to bring awareness to Veterans, Veteran homelessness, and Veteran suicide and mental health issues. He's also a professor at Marist College. Tom is a hero in my book. Thank you, Tom.

Is thank you enough? No, it's not nearly enough. But it comes from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for our freedom. Thank you for showing us what true bravery is. And thank you for allowing us into your lives, and letting us see what it really means to be a hero.

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