Certainly not the publicity that Dave Mustaine and the members of Megadeth were looking for. A 24 year old Canadian man, suspected of killing three police officers and wounding two others in the normally quiet Moncton, New Brunswick, posted lyrics to Megadeths's Hook In Mouth just hours before the killings. A of this writing, Justin Bourque remains at large and is said to be "armed and dangerous". The chaos has deeply shaken the normally safe and reserved Canadian city, which lies about 300 miles from the United States border.

Bourque had posted the Megadath lyrics to his Facebook page..

...little man with a big eraser, changing history

The final lyric of the status stating:

"I believe my kingdom will come."

The alleged shooter's Facebook page is full of anti-police posts, and pics of himself posing with guns and assault rifles. (Pics HERE). Authorities are unsure what sparked the shootings. Read more at the RCMP, New Brunswick Twitter page HERE

UPDATE - 6/6/14: Suspect has surrendered to police. Click HERE for details.