The rent is too damn high, and it just keeps rising. According to Zumper's National Index, rent in New York City for a one bedroom apartment jumped a whopping 26% over the past year alone. So, how are residents going to pay for all that? Take on a second job? Perhaps. A survey from Cinch Home Services asked New Yorkers what they would do to make enough to live in the city under such prices. Some said they'd eat cheaper food, cancel vacation, or maybe cut back going out.

Would Your Resort to Selling...Yourself? 

But some other folks have different ideas.

The New York Post says that the new survey found that 1 in 5 New Yorkers would consider setting up an OnlyFans account in order to earn enough money for soaring rent. The subscription website allows hosts to earn money from fans on a monthly basis, or through one time tips. The site has attracted a number of creators such as musicians, trainers, or other tutorial based entrepreneurs. But the website is more often than not used by sex workers. OnlyFans has become increasingly popular over the past two years amid COVID, as some who may have lost employment turned to the alternative service to earn money.

A number of employed people have also left their jobs for OnlyFans when they found they could make three times as much through the website than at their regular work.

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New York's Biggest Complaint

According to the state's Attorney General's Office, the biggest consumer gripe amongst New Yorkers is the internet. Slow and/or nonresponsive internet service is certainly a huge headache, especially when so much of our professional lives depend on it. This could also mean passwords being stolen or compromised, or mysterious charges appearing on your card that you have no idea where they came from.

The next biggest issue, as previously mentioned, was landlords and tenants. This has probably skyrocketed more in the past few years with COVID-19 restrictions. Landlords feel taken advantage of because they can't evict tenants months behind on rent. Tenants can also feel used when repairs and other maintenance problems go forever without being addressed or fixed.

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