Happy Birthday today (Sept. 17) to Ty Tabor of King’s X. He’s 56.

Ty Tabor is best known as the guitarist, songwriter, and co-lead vocalist of the band King’s X. The power trio formed out of Springfield, Missouri and since signing to Megaforce Records in 1987, have released twelve studio albums and several independent and live releases. The lineup features Ty Tabor along with lead vocalist and bassist Doug Pinnick and drummer Jerry Gaskill. Early on in their career, the band toured arenas with bands like Iron Maiden, AC/DC. Scorpions, and Pearl Jam, along with a high profile appearance at Woodstock ’94. The band continues to record and perform. Ty Tabor has a wide range guitar style with influences that include Brian May, The Beatles, Alex Lifeson, and Ace Frehley. I've always been a fan of King's X. They are an amazing power trio that I've seen live in concert countless times over the years. I got to meet the band a few years back and everyone was so cool and down to earth. Got to tell the guys how much I appreciated there music over the years, which I started listening to in junior high. Check out a photo below of me hangin with the band after a show. Cheers to Ty Tabor on his birthday today!

For more on Ty Tabor and King’s X, check out the band’s official website here.

King's X
Tigman hangin with King's X (Left to Right: Doug Pinnick, Jerry Gaskill, and Ty Tabor)