It seems everything that makes you happy, also somehow makes you unhealthy. Even relaxing.

More evidence suggests that sitting down for long periods of time can have a very negative effect on your health. The latest studies say that includes brain health.

Does it make you dumber? Well, maybe dumb isn't the right word...but it can effect your memory over time.

UPI reports that a sedentary lifestyle not only increases the risk for heart disease, diabetes and premature death. it can lead to thinning of the brain. This can effect memory, and lead to cognitive decline in middle age and older adults.

Well, that sucks. What about people who work many hours at a desk?

Study author Prabha Siddarth said:

With every hour of sitting each day there is a 2 percent decrease in thickness. If you are able to decrease it by five hours, there would be a 10 percent decrease.

And to make matters worse, physical activity doesn't necessarily regenerate thickness of the brain that easy, according to the findings.

Yeah, is there any good news today?