Every year, people like to push the boundaries when it comes to Halloween costumes and outrageousness. From zombie dead celebrities, to pure raunchiness, offensive costumes and Halloween can pretty much go hand in hand.

Some times these off the wall costumes can actually be pretty creative.

And while this isn't the worst thing in the world, there are some who still take offense to Party City's latest idea they're advertising. The NY Post says that the retailer is pushing the Adult Wall Costume for this year.

While it makes no mention of President Donald Trump, one can't help but wonder if it makes reference to one of his more ambitious (and some may say crazy) campaign promises to build a nearly two thousand mile wall on the border of the United States and Mexico. Apparently, they're already building prototypes.

Click HERE to see the costume.

Or maybe it's just a Pink Floyd reference? If anything, it's a bit uninspired. The costume frankly looks like a potato sack.

Anyhow it hasn't stop some from taking to social media to share their disgust.

So what do you think? offensive? Stupid? Or are folks getting into an uproar over nothing important?