Don't you hate when this happens? Probably not. Because you've probably never had this happen.

A woman named Ashley Glawe got herself into quite a pickle when her pet snake became stuck in her earlobe. Just the worst, right?

Glawe wound up in the ER (although we think it may have been quicker to go to the vet). "It was too late because of how fast he darted through," she told ScaryMommy. "If it was a slither, of course I would have noticed."

Fortunately, the story has a happy ending. "The doctor cut her ear a little bit, then they used Vaseline and string another doctor used a little plastic tool and they stretched her ear," a friend of Glawe's said. "Then he came out."

Glawe, meanwhile, said her ear was "a little irritated," which, all things considered, is a major victory when you think about what the snake could've done to her.