Pink Floyd put "The Wall" up, blocking Smitty's video in an attempt to get him to "Run Like Hell". 

So, I attended the Roger Waters dress rehearsal show at the Meadowlands Arena on Sunday. It was an exclusive show with roughly 1,000-1,500 people in attendance. We had a chance to see his entire show before he heads out on his Us And Them Tour.

The show was absolutely amazing! I highly recommend checking it out!

Now we were told that professional recording equipment was not permitted in the arena. However, cellphones and point and shoot cameras were allowed. They also encouraged people to post to social media.

I followed the rules, and used my cell phone to capture pictures and videos of the show. After the show, as I was going through all the pictures and videos, I decided to put together a short video showing some of the amazing things throughout the show.

I uploaded the video to the WPDH YouTube Channel for you to check out. Well, it seems my video got the attention of Pink Floyd themselves and they blocked my video.


This means we are officially fighting the Floyd! Sounds a little ridiculous honestly, but I'm a proud man, Ha Ha.

So, we'll see what happens next. We disputed the claim, and our trying to keep the video on YouTube.