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Have you heard of Shekomeko, New York? I did not, but now I can say that I have. There are a ton of cool places to check out in the Hudson Valley and the list just keeps getting bigger. Another interesting hamlet has come up and it has a very cool story behind it and there's a special meaning behind the name.

What is the history behind Shekomeko, New York?

Shekomeko was the village of the Mahican people and the name comes from Mahikanneuw which means people of the place of eels, During the 1700's Moravians from other states founded the Moravian Mission in Shekomeko and a chapel was built. It wasn't just any chapel, it became the first Native American Christian congregation in the present-day United States.

Where is Shekomeko, New York located?

Shekomeko is a hamlet, but it's not just any hamlet. It's considered historic and it's part of the town of North East which is in present day Dutchess County. North East received its name because of where it's located and part of the town was from the Great Nine Partners Patent. That's a whole lot of history in one place.

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