What’s the deal with Lemonades stands!?

Jerry Seinfeld and his family found out their neighbors weren’t fans of the Seinfeld lemonade stand. Their lemonade stand, outside their home in East Hampton, was shut down by police following complaints from neighbors. If you are wondering, the upset neighbor was not “Newman.” Newman, of course, was the fictional TV neighbor and arch-rival of Jerry on the hit TV show Seinfeld.

According to the East Hampton Press, A Newman-like neighbor called to complain about illegally parked vehicles near the lemonade stand. On the scene, police told Seinfeld that East Hampton doesn’t allow lemonade stands, or any form of peddling, on village property.

Seinfeld was working the lemonade stand with his wife, Jessica, their son, Julian, and his two friends. The Seinfeld’s were raising money for Baby Buggy, a charity started by Jerry’s wife that provides baby clothes and childcare to families in need.

Still the Funny-man Jerry's wife, posted a picture on Instagram of Seinfeld and others with their hands on their heads as if they were being arrested.

While the lemonade stand wasn’t operating for that long, the Seinfeld’s report they still raised a lot of money.