The Village of Monroe is advising residents of the temporary closure of the Heritage Trail to complete upcoming work.

The Village was notified by the Orange County Division of Environmental Facilities and Services regarding some upcoming work that will temporarily close a section of the Heritage Trail. The work is scheduled to begin on Monday, January 25, and is expected to be completed by Sunday, January 31. A small section of the Heritage Trail will have to be closed until the work is completed.

The Heritage Trail is built on the former Erie Railroad mainline, and the trail runs for 15-miles. the Heritage Trail runs through the Orange County towns of Goshen, Chester, Monroe, and Harriman. The county is working to extend the trail to the City of Middletown.

Heritage Trail starts at Hartley Road in Goshen and brings travelers through the area’s villages and towns, leading them through a wooded stretch ending in the Village of Harriman. There are multiple access points to Heritage Trail in Goshen and Monroe.

Inclement weather, a change to the project orders, or other unexpected conditions that occur while the work is being completed could affect the schedule of completing the work. Neil Dwyer, Mayor of Monroe, wants to thank residents for their patience with the ongoing noise and construction elements that this particular project has presented.

Anyone who may have questions regarding the work that is scheduled to take place on Heritage Trail, closing a section while work is completed, should not hesitate to contact Monroe Village Hall at (845) 782-8341.

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