Well, technically Sunday morning, but the headline made us think of the Elton John hit. Also, please don't mind the ridiculous stock photo we used.

Two Sullivan County men figured they'd settle their differences the old fashion way. The Times Herald record is reporting that police broke up a street fight early Sunday morning, December 2 on Mill Street in Liberty.

The Times Herald says the impromptu W.W.E match involved two men, ages 45 and 50. Basically, they're way old enough to know better, but who are we to point fingers?

Police say the 50 year-old entered the 45 year-old's apartment and wacked him over the head with a two-by-four, like "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan. The younger man responded by chasing two-by-fiur guy out into the streets and stabbing him in the head with a knife, according to officials.

Police nor the Herald indicated what exactly the fuss was all about, or if drugs or alcohol were involved.

The Herald says the 45 year-old reportedly fled into the apartment complex when police arrived, and was later arrested without incident. The man who was stabbed was taken to Catskill Regional Medical Center, treated, released, and later arrested as well.

Both men were arraigned, and are now facing a number of felony charges. Both are being held at the Sullivan County Jail without bail. Hopefully they're in separate cells.